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Achieve excellence with ECP

Reduce errors

Improve med-passing workflows with the industry's leading electronic medication administration record (eMAR). Automatically connect to pharmacies in all 50 states.

EHR and Care Plans
Stay compliant

Complete assessments, build care plans, and generate task lists automatically. Enjoy happier residents, longer stays, and more accurate billing. 

Improve occupancy

Develop more leads and grow occupancy faster with the essential tools in this innovative software for Assisted Living marketers.

Capture revenue

Pull data directly from the EHR to ensure that no revenue slips through the cracks. Level of care tracking avoids service creep and automatically flags when it's time to have rate conversations. 



Improve med-passing workflows

Pharmacy connection

Med auditing

Med check-in

Med refusal report

Med pass - 8 med rights

Psychotropic meds report

PRN administration and tracking

Alert system

Prompts for additional care questions and vitals signs

Controlled substance count (ensures compliance)


EHR and Care Plans

Complete assessments, build care plans, and generate task lists automatically

Incident reports

Permissioned user and task groups

Staff notes and observations tool

Task audits

Care plan deviation and projections

State-specific assessments


CRM Marketing and Lead Tracking


Deliver more prospects and grow occupancy faster

Track potential residents

Fully integrates with ECP web

Track referral relationships and trends

Qualification identifiers

Track campaigns

Capture biographical information

Schedule tasks, appointments & reminders

Occupancy tracking/Apartment management

Lead rating



Ensure no revenue slips through the cracks

Accounts receivable tool

Pull data directly from the EHR

Track ala carte charges

Level of care tracking
Automatic notifications

Direct communication with billing contacts

All in one place

We are able to have an eMAR and resident charting all in one place. ECP has taken over multiple functions and put them all in one place.

Crystal L.
Director of Training and Compliance

More than just an eMAR

ECP is more than just an e-mar system. The assessment tool allows you to populate the care plan simultaneously. When you have completed the assessment, your careplan/ISP is completed. ECP allows administrators to monitor staff progress on completing tasks, such as medication administration and daily cares. The ability to access residents’ records from a home computer is a time saver, especially when staff phone calls come in after hours. The format is user friendly with drop down menus and easy to follow tutorials. When you have questions their tech support is just a phone call away. It is a great program to work with!

Sue Williams
RNC, BSN, Nurse Consultant, Morton LTC

If you can browse the internet, you can use ECP
If you can browse the internet or shop online, you can use ECP. It is easy to teach staff how to use, it is user friendly to customize, pharmacy integration saves valuable nursing time, customer service is excellent. We have been very happy with ECP overall.
Shannon Williams
CEO/Director of Nursing, Marcella Manor LLC
Very user friendly

ECP is very user friendly, most questions can be answered by looking thru the help pages. Anything that I can't find in the help pages, I reach out to a representative and they are quick to respond.

Administrator in Hospital and Care

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