eMAR for long term care pharmacies

Save time and grow your business with the leading Assisted Living eMAR

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eMAR for long term care pharmacies

Stay connected with your communities

Use the intuitive dashboard to review how communities are utilizing communication from your pharmacy software. Our interface syncs directly with your pharmacy software to accept resident information, new medications, changes, dispenses and discontinued orders in real-time. ECP automatically identifies psychotropics, and controlled substances, and uses proven algorithms that alert you of any discrepancies.

Reduce medication and communication errors

Receive instant notifications on important updates such as resident status changes, medication updates, and refill requests ensuring you're always up-to-date with what's happening at the communities you service.

Join our network of 500+ Pharmacy Partners

Having a direct connection with your pharmacy increases order accuracy and eliminates medication errors. With a simple review, meds flow from the pharmacy check-in to the med pass and MAR, keeping records precise and consistent.

Connect with more long-term care communities

Grow your business with ECP. Amplify your resources with ECP's pharmacy interface that sends orders in real-time, providing accurate, up-to-date documentation.


ECP integrates with over 20+ pharmacy software vendors, allowing us to connect with pharmacies all over the country. The syncing of systems eliminates the need for redundant and tedious data entry, promoting safe medication administration.


Computer-RX / WinRX

Datascan Pharmacy Software


Foundation Systems (FSI)

FrameworkLTC by SoftWriters

GuardianRX by Guardian Pharmacy

Liberty Software


Omnicare Oasis

Pharmaserv by McKesson



PrimeRx by Micro Merchant Systems

PROscript 2000 LTC by Prodigy Data Systems, Inc.


QS/1 PrimeCare
QuickSCRIP / QuickRX by Cost Effective
RNA Helix
Rx30 Pharmacy Management System
SRS Pharmacy Systems

Be a marketing pro

Receive premium, customized marketing materials through your pharmacy dashboard to showcase the superior services you are able to provide.


What Our Customers Say

Ease of use is the most common praise from LTC facilities. The in-depth care charting tailored for LTC really sets the program apart from other software; its assessment and reporting tools are highly flexible and capable. People like the resident pictures and simple profile setup, and straightforward charting layout and process. Integration with the pharmacy software while not perfect is good and ever-improving. Medication orders go across as expected and reorders and problem submissions to the pharmacy are simple and effective.
Dan Mueller
IS Specialist, Hometown Pharmacy
ECP customer support

Hassle-free setup and support

Get help every step of the way with your dedicated pharmacy specialist. As you're working with existing and new communities, ECP will be hands on throughout the go-live process and data push, all while providing ongoing support. 


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