About Us

ECP provides a complete web-based software suite for assisted living and long-term care communities

About Us

Our Mission

Build world-class software that increases quality of life for our residents and improves clinical, business, compliance, and operational performance for our customers.

Our Values

Customers and Residents First

We seek to make decisions by first understanding the customers’ and residents’ needs, then develop directly based on those needs.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Voice your opinions and dissent when you disagree. Once a decision is reached, work as a team to execute. Be someone your teammates can rely on, and someone fun to work with.

High Standards

Never settle for how things are. Always insist on doing the very best for our company, for each other, for our customers, and for our residents.


Act on behalf of the entire company and our customers and residents. Never say “that’s not my job.”

Trust and Respect

Act as you want others to act towards you. Show your teammates grace and give them the benefit of the doubt. Always behave ethically.

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