Assisted Living and Senior Living CRM

Grow faster with the industry's best CRM

Develop more leads and grow occupancy faster. Maximize your efficiency with ECP CRM - the innovative marketing and lead tracking tool that incorporates essential tools for Assisted Living marketers. Keep track of referrals, campaigns, appointments, and tasks.


The value of CRM

CRM Value Assessment Workflow
CRM Maximize Occupancy and Increase Revenue

Maximize occupancy and increase revenue

Oversee occupancy at each community with ECP's apartment census tools right at your fingertips. Know which rooms are available, current rooms rates, and payer types so you can plan for move-ins faster than ever.

Utilize campaigns to build relationships 

Stay involved and organized by scheduling campaigns which can include event details, vendors, expenses, and referral sources. The outcome of the event can then be monitored by associating new leads with each campaign and referral source. This is helpful in building strong relationships with partners that foster and grow your business. 

Stay on top of communication

The built-in marketing calendar gives you a concise schedule of upcoming tasks and appointments. Receive alerts and reminders ahead of time so you never fall behind and are properly prepared for the day. 

Integrate fully with ECP eMAR and EHR

Incorporate a submission form on your company's website so prospects are automatically placed into your leads workflow. Initiate communication and start to build relationships immediately. When individuals are ready to move in, seamlessly transfer their information to ECP eMAR and EHR. 

Identify the prospects most likely to align with your goals 

Build meaningful relationships with potential residents and their families, from the moment of your first conversation. Set up detailed profiles for each individual while keeping couples as one lead. Profiles include biography details, hobbies, likes, dislikes, family information, and any barriers. Identify specific needs by reviewing their qualifications and health history to ensure that your community is the best place for them. 


What Our Customers Say

"The fact that [ECP] was tied to the rest of our systems made it super attractive. It was a trusted provider for working with owners and saying this is going to work in a streamlined fashion. Any of the other programs were going to be another format that didn’t connect in any way."

Denise Barnes
Director of Community Relations, Great Lakes Senior Living


Best in class 24/7 support

ECP’s support staff is the best. 100% of our support staff is based in Wisconsin, USA. Not only are they well-versed in our software, many have extensive experience in assisted living. We are ready to answer your pressing questions.

You can also explore the helpful guides and videos in our knowledge base and in ECP University to learn more at your own pace.


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