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Nov 21, 2022

Top 6 Benefits of Using an eMAR for Assisted Living

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by Rachel Baumeister

What does eMAR stand for? 

eMAR is an acronym for Electronic Medication Administration Record. eMAR software electronically records medication administration documentation. Commonly used in care settings, most assisted living facilities, senior living communities, and IDD group homes use eMAR software.

What can an eMAR do? 

An eMAR software can replace paper documents, usually provided by a pharmacy. The information documented in an eMAR includes a resident's list of current medications and prescription details, such as directions, dosage, diagnosis, etc. Additionally, with eMAR software, care staff can electronically document which medications a resident received during administration versus manually recording these details via pen and paper.

Top 6 Benefits of using an eMAR for Assisted Living

1. Reduced Paper MAR

Med Passing Mobile App

Traditional paper MAR often takes a lot of work each month. eMAR takes away the need to meticulously pull and highlight monthly reports. Paperwork is time-consuming to sort through, and there is always the risk of misplacing or even losing essential documents. eMAR software reduces the need for binders of paper MARs. eMAR gives you the freedom to access any resident's MAR to review and evaluate their medication records at a click of a button. 


Med Passing Mobile App

2. Improved Oversight

Medication management involves a whole team -physicians, pharmacists, residents, family members, and caregivers. eMAR centralizes all medication information to ensure accuracy and keep all parties updated. eMAR software can also efficiently generate audits and accurate reports to review orders such as controlled substances and psychotropics. An eMAR that includes a mobile app can provide even more community oversight. Maintain contact with your team even when you are away from the office.


3. Increased Efficiency


Manual charting is laborious and increases room for error. eMAR software provides a clear, simple layout of medications and essential details for proper administration. Many eMARs include instant notifications to remind staff of the upcoming med pass schedule and alerts for missed items, resulting in increased workflow efficiency. Incorporating a user-friendly eMAR will reduce the need for redundant data entry, automate current processes, simplify existing procedures, and keep your team informed with recent updates. 

4. Reduced Medication Errors

With the automation of instant notifications and alerts provided by eMAR, communities can experience a significant decrease in medication errors. In addition, some eMARs also incorporate required prompts, such as vitals or compliance-related questions. eMAR software can also include the eight med rights of administration at the time of administration to ensure all medications are handled properly.


5. Integration with a Pharmacy

Having a direct connection with your pharmacy improves communication. eMAR software provides this kind of communication through direct integration. The pharmacy integration provided by an eMAR helps increase the accuracy of each resident's medication list. As a pharmacy sends medication orders directly to the eMAR software, it ensures all MARs are precise and up to date.



6. Maintained Compliance

Every state and license type is different, and on top of that, each resident has their own specific needs. Many eMAR providers incorporate assisted Living and long-term care regulations into their software. Some eMAR providers even include state-specific templates. So rest easy knowing all requirements are met. eMAR software can make audits, and surveyor visits a breeze.


ECP is the leading web-based clinical, business, and compliance software provider to over 6,500 assisted living communities and other long-term care providers, plus over 500 long-term care pharmacy partners and counting. ECP's core clinical products include an eMAR and electronic health records (EHR) used in assisted living communities, group homes, and intellectually and developmentally disabled care settings across the country and globally.

ECP's eMAR helps replace the need for outdated paper systems, ultimately improving medication oversight and overall efficiency. With multiple badges from G2Capterra, and GetApp, ECP is recognized as the easiest to use in care settings with med passers of all skill levels. Users can significantly reduce medication errors with built-in safeguards, including the fundamental medication details - the 8 Med Rights - built into every med pass and presented in a clear, simple way.

With templates tailored to each state and unique license type, users have confidence knowing records meet state compliance regulations. ECP provides standardized state-required forms that print just how they need to be submitted. Users can also set reminder alerts to stay current on assessments or regulation reports. 

ECP users gain community oversight even from outside of the office with ECP's mobile app. Charting is easy on the ECP mobile app, even without the most reliable internet connection. Users can chart meds, cares, and more offline without using inconvenient paper backups.

Request a demo to learn more about ECP's eMAR and receive a personalized demonstration. 

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