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Dec 2, 2022

ECP Integrates with Foundation Systems, Inc.

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East Troy, Wis. (Dec. 2, 2022) – ECP, a leading web-based clinical, business, and compliance software provider to over 6,500 assisted living communities and other long-term care providers, has partnered with Foundation Systems, INC (FSI) to connect more communities with their preferred pharmacy.

This integration with FSI will allow ECP to connect to pharmacies that use FSI as their preferred pharmacy software vendor. This connection will enable ECP to process real-time FSI-sent medication and patient HL7 messages to assisted living communities utilizing ECP eMAR.


“We’re happy to expand on our offering of pharmacy software interfaces with FSI,” said James Baumeister, Product Development Manager. “This partnership will aid in introducing many more pharmacies to the increasingly exciting world of eMAR-integration and at the end of the day, will improve medication adherence for thousands of residents across the nation.”

Medication management processes are made easier through real-time updates regarding new, changed, discontinued, or refilled prescriptions provided by pharmacy pairing. Additionally, controlled substances, psychotropics, and other hazardous drugs are identified automatically within ECP software.


ECP users can attach vitals prompts, follow-up notifications, missed charting alerts, and more to FSI-sent medication information. Communities can also easily review important prescription changes through ECP's user-friendly interface. Other changes are approved automatically for users through ECP's state-of-the-art HL7 message processor.

About ECP:

ECP is the leading web-based clinical, business, and compliance software provider to over 6,500 assisted living communities and other long-term care providers. ECP's core clinical products include eMAR and electronic health records (EHR) used in assisted living communities, group homes, and intellectually and developmentally disabled care settings across the country and globally.

About Foundation Systems, Inc.:

FSI Pharmacy Management Software is the most complete, customizable, and efficient software on the market. FSI software is a full-service system that streamlines and empowers pharmacies to type, dispense and bill each script with ease and safety. FSI wants you to have the software and hardware to be a competitive, technologically advanced, and efficient pharmacy. FSI software capabilities can help retain patients by offering online scripts, IVR, personalized online and mobile app refill requests, outbound messaging (email, text, and calls), automated refills and will-calls for ease of pick-up, and much more. FSI scans and digitally saves hard copies and other relevant documents, bills in real time with instant claim response, and offers customizable reports on performance and many other important statistics.


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