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We know Assisted Living requirements in Florida

ECP was founded in 2004 and today works with over 6,500 assisted living communities, all major long-term care pharmacies, and Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) and Adult Family Care Homes (AFCH) licensed by the Florida Department of Health (DOH). With nearly two decades of experience, ECP can help Florida assisted living communities meet specific regulatory and compliance requirements. 

Built-in reports for Florida Assisted Living license types

Assisted Living Facilities (ALF)

  • ALF Assessment (follows AHCA Form 1823)
  • Emergency Management Planning Criteria for Assisted Living Facilities

Adult Family Care Homes (AFCH)

  • AFCH Assessment
  • Emergency Management Planning Criteria for Assisted Living Facilities

These reports are available to customers utilizing the full product. Contact ECP Sales for more information.

Stay compliant with Florida regulations

ECP also has a customizable reports engine that makes it possible to export your own custom reports. Templates are custom-tailored to your state and license types, making it easy to comply with regulations, handle surveyor visits and audits, and produce your own quality improvement reports without breaking a sweat.

Forms in ECP print exactly as they need to be submitted, offering straightforward documentation. When it's time for the next report or assessment to be completed, alerts serve as reminders to ensure compliance.

Florida assisted living regulations

Build care plans automatically from assessments

Florida assisted living assessments
Florida assisted living assessments
Florida assisted living assessments

Detailed assessment, automated care plan

Document the assessment components required for each person by the Florida Department of Health (DOH). ECP's comprehensive assessment encompasses, but is not limited to, components such as physical health, cognitive health, behavior patterns, functionality with activities of daily living (ADLs), instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs), independent living skills, and medication management. Details flow automatically into the individual service plan (ISP, also known as care plan) following the assessment. Through this automation, each detailed assessment effortlessly generates care plans and daily task lists. This seamless process keeps records current, enabling everyone with the tools to provide proper care.

Gain valuable insight and track trends with the standard reports 
ECP provides out of the box. 

Med Refusal Report

Gather a list of medications that are being refused that includes any failed attempts and the reason why residents are not taking these medications.

PRN Administration

Review the frequency of PRN medication requests to evaluate current prescriptions. Follow-up information is also displayed to ensure they are completed in a timely manner.

Reviewing Psychotropic Meds

Use this report while conducting psychotropic med reviews to see the frequency, prescriber, diagnosis, and when residents started taking these medications.

Vaccination Report

View the details of when each dose of a vaccine was received to ensure residents are properly vaccinated.

Controlled Substances

Confirm controlled substance quantities are accurate with this report, in addition to reviewing start dates, prescribers, and diagnoses.

Discontinued Medications

Verify the appropriate medications are being discontinued and disposed of properly with this convenient report.

Vitals History

Receive a graph that displays the various vitals that have been taken to see how they have fluctuated over time.

Symptoms and Infections

Monitor resident symptoms and infections to help avoid the spread of infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

Incident Report and Investigation

File Incident Reports at the time of the event to gather the facts of what happened. Investigations will help take a further look at the citation to determine a root cause and prevent future incidents from reoccurring.

Care History (TAR)

Receive a complete overview of care adm inistration. This comprehensive report includes care schedules, care plan specifics, and detailed charting information.

Care History Provided

Search for specific cares or get a detailed summary of all the items that have been provided for each resident, which includes charting time, employee information, and additional care questions.

Level of Care Change Report

Review level of care changes to ensure each resident is receiving the appropriate amount of care.

Care Plan Analysis Summary

Evaluate time spent providing cares and receive care plan projections to determine the proper level of care for each resident.

Care Plan Deviation Summary

Justify level of care changes by comparing current levels of care with suggested levels based on care time deviations.

Care Refusals

See which cares are being refused to track any trends such as time of day, employee, care type, or resident.

Service Summary

Gather totals of each time a care was charted on with a summary of time spent providing these cares.

Calendar View - Tasks

Obtain a preview of care schedules and the charting details for each day, week, or month. Create and save custom filters to gather additional specifics.

Care Plan

Generated from the assessment, care plan reports give an extensive summary of the care each resident requires.

Next Due Date Report

Complete all reports and assessments in a timely manner by reviewing when the previous report was filed and when the next one is due.

Quality Improvement Report

Strive for excellence with our Quality Improvement Report that includes key performance indicators such as resident funding information, hospitalization information, and cases of influenza and norovirus.


Use one from our state templates or customize your own to evaluate each resident's abilities and requirements.

State Specific Assessments

ECP provides standardized state required forms within specific templates tailored to different states and license types making surveyor visits and audits a painless process.

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“ECP is extremely beneficial. I love that it keeps us organized and on track with the resident's medication. The record and data management portion is impeccable. ” 

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ECP’s support staff is the best. Not only are they well-versed in our software, many have extensive experience in assisted living. We are ready to answer your pressing questions. You can also explore the helpful articles in our knowledge base and the videos in ECP University, to learn more at your own pace.

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