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Dec 12, 2023

Understanding New Hampshire's He-P 800 and He-P 804.16 CARES Tool

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The integration of the CARES Tool in New Hampshire's assisted living sector marks a significant regulatory change. This tool, part of the state's Chapter He-P 800 regulations on Residential Care and Health Facility Rules, is designed to standardize and improve care quality in assisted living facilities. Our focus here is to provide a straightforward overview of these regulations, particularly the CARES Tool, and its practical implications for operators in the assisted living industry. We'll discuss how this tool aligns with the broader regulatory framework and what it means for maintaining care standards in New Hampshire's assisted living residences.

Overview of Chapter He-P 800

Chapter He-P 800 is a set of guidelines and regulations that oversee residential care and health facilities in New Hampshire. This chapter outlines the standards for facility operations, resident care, and administrative responsibilities. It ensures that facilities provide a safe, nurturing, and compliant environment for their residents. For an assisted living operator, this means adhering to a detailed set of rules that govern everything from facility management to resident care protocols.

The Significance of He-P 804.16: Required Services

A critical subsection of these rules is He-P 804.16, which details the required services that facilities must provide. This includes:

  • Administrative Services: Appointment of an administrator responsible for day-to-day operations and adherence to various operational standards.

  • Resident Admission Agreements: Providing residents and their representatives with clear, written copies of the service agreement, including details on fees, services covered, and care increase procedures.

  • Resident Assessments and Care Plans: Facilities must assess each resident's needs using the CARES Tool and develop a comprehensive care plan based on this assessment.

Understanding the CARES Tool

The CARES Tool is an assessment instrument used in residential care settings. It's designed to evaluate a resident's overall needs, encompassing health, mobility, cognitive function, and personal care requirements. This tool ensures that each resident receives a personalized care plan that addresses their specific needs. For an assisted living operator, the CARES Tool is a vital component in delivering resident-centered care.

What is the CARES Tool?

CARES, an acronym for Care Assessment for Residential Services, is a comprehensive tool designed to enhance the quality of care in assisted living residences. Developed and approved for immediate use in 2022, it provides a standardized approach to assessing the care needs and services in these facilities. The Bureau of Health Facilities Administration/Licensing, responsible for overseeing this sector, has made the tool available to all licensed holders in New Hampshire.

Significance in Assisted Living

The integration of the CARES Tool into the operational framework of assisted living residences is more than just a regulatory requirement; it's a step towards ensuring a higher standard of care for residents. This tool helps in:

  • Standardizing Care Assessments: Ensuring that each residence adheres to a uniform standard of care.

  • Improving Quality of Service: Providing a benchmark for care and services offered in these facilities.

  • Facilitating Regulatory Compliance: Helping residences align with state regulations and guidelines.

Regulatory Framework - Part He-P 804

The implementation of the CARES Tool is intertwined with New Hampshire's regulatory framework, particularly Part He-P 804 of the New Hampshire Administrative Code. This part comprehensively outlines the licensing and operational standards for assisted living residences. The CARES Tool, therefore, becomes an integral component of this regulatory structure, guiding facilities in maintaining compliance and ensuring the well-being of their residents.

Impact on Residents and Facilities

For residents, the CARES Tool promises a consistent and high-quality level of care, tailored to their individual needs. For facilities, it offers a clear and structured approach to care assessment, aiding in meeting both the residents' needs and regulatory requirements effectively.

Embracing Quality and Consistency with the CARES Tool

The CARES Tool is more than just a regulatory mandate; it's a commitment to quality and consistency in care. Its adoption by assisted living residences across New Hampshire is a testament to the state's dedication to improving the standard of living for its senior residents. For more detailed insights, the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services provides an in-depth overview of the CARES Tool, while further regulatory details can be explored in Part He-P 804 of the New Hampshire Administrative Code, available here.

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