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Oct 18, 2021

ECP connects with direct secure messaging network

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by Autumn Kniseley

East Troy, WI - ECP announced today that it has connected to the Direct Secure Messaging network, allowing ECP software to securely exchange health care data, increasing interoperability and allowing ECP customers to more easily share data across the continuum of care. ECP achieved this connection in partnership with MaxMD, a DirectTrust-accredited Health Information Service Provider.

“We are excited to be connected to the DirectTrust network. This connection allows our customers to send information in a secure and encrypted way to other clinical providers across the continuum of care. In addition to care providers, other stakeholders throughout the healthcare ecosystem integrate using Direct Secure Messaging, including health information networks across the country,” said Nicole Shelton, Compliance Specialist at ECP.

“As a HISP in the DirectTrust network, MaxMD makes secure, standardized, connectivity easier, so our clients can focus on their mission:  building better software and delivering better care. By enhancing what’s possible through interoperability, ECP can help communities improve communication with care providers by sharing healthcare information which can enhance quality of care and oversight,” said MaxMD CEO Scott Finlay

“We are excited to help communities using ECP share data with care providers and other stakeholders, including state health information networks, improving the quality of care and allowing for more data-driven and outcome-focused decision making,” said Adam Aisen, CEO of ECP. “Direct Secure Messaging will also help ECP customers comply with evolving regulations requiring greater data-sharing with public health authorities to assist with coordinating responses to future pandemics. ECP could not be more excited to be on the forefront of the data-driven future of both long-term care and public health.”

ECP is the leading web-based clinical, business, and compliance software provider to over 2,000 assisted living communities and other long-term care providers. ECP’s core clinical products include eMAR and electronic health records (EHR) used in assisted living communities, group homes, and intellectually and developmentally disabled care settings across the country and globally.

MaxMD is an industry-leading interoperability innovator specializing in the application of standards to enable secure data transmission and transformation and achieve greater data liquidity at scale for all healthcare stakeholders.

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