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Jul 14, 2023

CT Health Information Exchange: A Guide for Assisted Living and Memory Care

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by Nicole Shelton

Overview of the CT HIE Mandate

Sec 17b-59e(a)(1), a Connecticut law, requires that all healthcare providers licensed by the state, including assisted living and memory care communities, connect to the state’s official health information exchange platform, known as “Connie”.

Download the guide here.

What does the CT HIE Mandate require me to do?

The CT HIE Mandate requires that providers, including assisted living and memory care communities, connect to Connie by either using a connected EHR, or by implementing the capability to send and receive secure messages that comply with the Direct Project specifications laid out by the ONC (Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology).

How long do I have to comply?

Connecticut officials have given guidance that they will begin requiring compliance in May, 2024.

How can ECP help me comply with the CT HIE Mandate?

The CT HIE Mandate requires your community to do two things:

  • Use a connected EHR or other technology
  • Connect to the Connie HIE

ECP is working to help guide communities through both steps of the process. ECP is currently working with Connecticut to connect with Connie, and is targeting a connection date ahead of the May 2024 deadline.

ECP’s compliance team is also available to help guide ECP customers through the steps to connect to Connie and comply with this mandate.

Once I’m using ECP or another Connie-connected technology, what are the next steps?

In addition to using a technology capable of connecting to Connie, you’ll also need to complete the connection to comply. If you’re an ECP customer, we’ll help you through this process. Here is an overview of the key steps:

  1. Fill out the Commitment to Connect Form: Begin the compliance process by completing the Commitment to Connect Form, available here:
  2. Legal onboarding: This stage involves legal procedures and documentation with Connie officials, which may take up to two months to complete.
  3. Technical onboarding: This process, including adapting to the required EMR/eMAR language, can take up to two months to finalize.
  4. Validating data connections: This ensures the secure exchange of patient data between your facility's systems and Connie. It involves thorough testing and validation procedures and may take up to two months to finalize.
  5. Connection by May 2024: To meet the requirements of the CT HIE mandate, your healthcare facility should aim to be fully connected to Connie by May 2024.

Understanding and Contacting Connie HIE

To connect to Connie and start the legal onboarding process, all healthcare providers in Connecticut must;

  1. Fill out this form
  2. Contact Traci Townsan, PMP, Account Manager / Integration Lead - - (888) 783-4417

ECP's Role in Assisting Facilities to Comply

If you have any questions about the CT HIE Mandate, or how ECP can help you comply, please reach out to us at

If you’re not yet using a connected technology, you can also reach out to our sales team at to schedule a demo. If your community is already using ECP's EHR, the next step is to complete the Commitment to Connect Form, indicating that ECP is your chosen EHR provider.

Once you’re using ECP, the legal onboarding process will be handled directly between Connie and your community, ensuring compliance with the state mandate. As an ECP customer, we are fully committed to fulfilling the requirements and are working to take care of the data sharing at no extra charge to you.

If you have further questions, please reach out to ECP at or to Connie officials at

Download the guide here.


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