ECP vs SNF Software

How ECP compares to SNF software for ALF operators


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  • ECP is the leader in scale and experience working with Assisted Living communities.
  • ECP improves speed and efficiency – SNF software slows ALFs down.
  • ECP is built around what is most important to your business, prioritizing the 20,000 cares provided to a typical ALF resident over a handful of potential SNF transfers.
  • CMS regulations require running new assessments when residents are transferred from the ALF to SNF, so the efficiency savings of using a common platform are minimal.
  • ECP’s billing platform will generate more revenue from your ALF portfolio.
  • Using ALF software for your ALFs and SNF software for your SNFs will lower your software costs.
  • ECP helps with staff training and retention, making it easier to manage staffing levels.