ECP vs Property Management Software

How ECP compares to Property Management Software


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  • ECP’s assessment engine is purposefully designed for the assisted living workflow and is customizable to your needs.
  • ECP's compliance team constantly updates our templates as regulations change across the country, so you're ready to generate required documentation "out of the box."
  • ECP assessment information flows to the Care Plan/ISP report, as well as to a Scheduled Tasks list. This greatly reduces redundant documentation to remain consistent with a resident's current care plan, while increasing staff efficiency.  
  • ECP is better and faster at what matters most – passing meds and charting cares and observations. 

  • ECP gives users the opportunity to customize workflows to match how their community operates. Communities are not limited to pre-built libraries with no flexibility.

  • ECP’s robust customer support is second to none, and available to all users. Whether it’s a question from a caregiver, nursing manager, or owner, ECP customer support is ready to help.